About Us


We have over 20 years experience working in the camping market supplying services to the biggest campsites and camping companies in the UK and Europe.  We have carried out contracts in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Switzerland for camping tour operators such as Eurocamp, Keycamp, Haven, Vaconsoliel & TUI.


We have a great knowledge of the camping market and experience in delivering the right products on time and within budget.


We understand the importance of providing high quality camping accommodation products which your customers can enjoy for many years.

All our products and workmanship will be covered by a warranty and we will be available at all times to give help and support. We can also help and advise any campsite or camping company on emplacement design and services.


We can supply and montage the Safari Tents on campsites anywhere in Europe.  We can carry out all the work in building the tents and the decking.  We can finish the tents with an electric supply and if requested, fully furnished and fully inventoried. The Safari Tents would be simply left for your staff to give a small clean and preparation ready for your customers.


To avoid de-montage at the end of each season, the tents could be completely covered with a large waterproof tarpaulin and an anti-moisture (desiccant) agent would be placed inside the tents to prevent mould or mildew. We can supply any amount of Safari Tents you require from 1-400 units.


Contact us anytime to discuss your requirements.


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