Safari Tent

 (Supply Only)

Supply & Build Raised Decking and Built Tent Onto Raised Decking

Safari Tent Build Raised Decking, Build Tent & Fully Furnished Ready For Customers

7M X 5M

9M X 5M

7M X 5M

£2500 / €2900

£5000 / €5800

£7000 / €8000

These prices are based on an order of 5 units.  Order of less than 5 units are possible. There may be a delivery charge depending on quantity and location.


The standard rental price for a six person Safari tent is £100-£130 per night.  This would give a rental income of around £6000 per season based on 60 nights booked.  The investment in the tent could be repaid within the first year and giving high rates of income in the following years.


Please contact us and we will be happy to give a full quote and breakdown of prices.